Traditional Kyoto Inn serving Kyoto cuisine IZYASU - Former Ryokan Izuyasui

Japan is a country which has a lot of characteristics.
High technology, beautiful nature, sub-culture…
Especially Kyoto, which is an ancient historical city which keeps the Japanese traditional culture.
For example, seasonal sceneries, tea ceremony, noh play, Gion festival, antiques, and beautiful refined Kyoto cuisine.
Kyoto is the place where you can feel the authentic Japan.

We invite you to come and experience the true essence of Kyoto.
At IZUYASU, traditional ryokan established in 1839,
we welcome you with our Japanese style warm hospitality.

We hope you’ll enjoy our chef’s Kyoto cuisine, traditional Kyoto house, and the Japanese garden.

A track with Kyoto’s history

In 1839 during the Edo period IZUYASU was originally established to receive the Buddhist priests and travelers who come to worship at Higashi honganji.
For over 170 years we’ve offered the best service which suits the different generations with our warm Japanese hospitality.
Today we accept important cultural guests of Japan and also from foreign countries.

First renewal since 170 years ago
We have reopened IZUYASU in November 2013. You’ll see the simple and cozy interior design and the natural furniture in the salon created by artisans. We’re looking forward to seeing the elegant changes of the woods with time like the old central pillar which has been supporting the house for a longtime